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Check out these FAQ. Have a question about renters insurance? Check our renters FAQ. Are you in California? Read through our California FAQ. The insurance industry is broken. To that end, Root is the first car insurance company that was founded on the relentless pursuit of fairness. We use an app to rate drivers based on how they actually drive—not just their demographics. By only insuring safe drivers, Root can offer more affordable rates. And the entire Root experience is simple and easy.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about making a claim on your car insurance

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Selling to an Iowa dealer · The title (with the top section on the back completed). · Name of the county where the vehicle was last registered and the date the license.

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Upon sale of a vehicle, the title record for the vehicle will remain in the seller’s name the vehicle is sold and the purchase price and date of sale of the vehicle.

Our guide explains how to run a car insurance check to find out if your car is insured. Compare car insurance Set a reminder. If you’re not sure if you have car insurance and you need to know whether your car or van is insured, then there are a number of ways you can check whether you have vehicle insurance cover in place. It’s really important to check your car insurance status, because it’s a serious criminal offence to drive if your car isn’t insured.

Under UK law, it’s illegal to drive a vehicle on a road or in a public place without at least third party insurance. You need to have current car insurance for yourself, as even if the vehicle itself is insured, you could be prosecuted if you’re not insured to drive it yourself.

Frequently asked questions about parking permits

A renewal notice to make payment of Vehicle Tax will be sent out approximately a month before renewal. This will contain the cost of renewal and a unique renewal number. Payment can now be made online through Online Services. Please note that registration to Online Services with an email address is required to use this service. If a cheque for a licence is dishonoured, the licence will be void from the date of issue and the vehicle will become unlicensed.

If the two cars are registered to different people, you can buy a permit at the lower in which you buy it and you should renew your permit before the expiry date.

If you are a business banking client, please reach out to your relationship contact. Flexible car loan solutions, expert advice and car-buying specialists, all in one place. Our dedicated car-buying and finance specialists will help find your car, offer flexible finance solutions and negotiate the car price for you. We’ll discuss your budget and talk you through your finance options so you can buy with confidence.

You can get a tailored indicative quote in 60 seconds or give us a call on to speak with a finance specialist. To finalise a contract early, it must be paid out. You can request a payout figure at any time during the life of your contract. Please note paying out a loan early may incur additional fees and charges. The following documents may be available for your contract depending on your loan type.

To help secure your information, we may need to password protect the document. This letter includes the payout figure at the time of request to finalise your loan. It includes the amount owed, contract expiry date and payment details.

Frequently asked questions

Even though you have been driving solo for 12 months on your P1s, and are going to progress to your P2 licence, don’t become complacent. Head over to the Safer Driving section for a refresh. If you break any of the P2 rules you could get a fine, demerit points, be disqualified from driving and have to go to court. If your licence is disqualified while holding a P2 licence when you return to driving your new P2 licence will be issued for a further two years.

If you are disqualified you may elect to enter into a Safer Driver Agreement instead of serving the six month disqualification unless it was a serious disqualification offence.

The National Car Test is a compulsory test that ensures your vehicle meets vehicle for an NCT between 28 March and 30 June, your test date.

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Vehicle licences

Upon sale of a vehicle, the title record for the vehicle will remain in the seller’s name until the buyer submits the seller’s assigned title and applies for title in their the buyer’s name. The best way to ensure this happens is for the seller to accompany the buyer to a Secretary of State branch office and process a title transfer application into the buyer’s name.

Sellers run a risk if they do not ensure the buyer applies for title. The Michigan Department of State cannot change the name on a title record until a new title application from the purchaser is processed. If you cannot accompany your purchaser to a branch office to ensure the title is transferred, make a copy of the front and back of the title after assigning it to your buyer.

include your vehicle in the list of imported goods; provide proof of identity (name, date of birth and signature) when you register a vehicle for the first time using.

These rights are established by the contract you signed and the law of your state. Your creditor also may be able to sell your contract to a third party, called an assignee, who may have the same right to seize the car as the original creditor. Some states impose rules about how your creditor may repossess the vehicle and resell it to reduce or eliminate your debt. Creditors that violate any rules may lose other rights against you, or have to pay you damages.

In many states, your creditor can seize your vehicle as soon as you default on your loan or lease. Your contract should state what constitutes a default, but failure to make a payment on time is a typical example. However, if your creditor agrees to change your payment date, the terms of your original contract may not apply any longer. If your creditor agrees to such a change, make sure you have it in writing. Oral agreements are difficult to prove. Once you are in default, the laws of most states permit the creditor to repossess your car at any time, without notice, and to come onto your property to do so.

Should there be a breach of the peace in seizing your car, your creditor may be required to pay a penalty or to compensate you if any harm is done to you or your property. Once your vehicle has been repossessed, your creditor may decide to either keep it as compensation for your debt or resell it in a public or private sale.

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