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I’m very mature for my age, so it evens out between us. He just turned 17 end of march, and im turning 14 june tenth. BUT, next year i’ll be a freshman, and he’ll be a senior, so atleast well be in highschool together? It is an age gap because of your ages. In a year or how long it takes to turn 18 he won’t be aloud to kiss you or have any sexual contact without the risk of being charged. He’ll be looked down on, made fun of, and talked about.

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For example; if a girl is 15, whats the oldest guy she should date? At one point it becomes acceptable. And at what age does age not matter.

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How much age difference is too much for dating?

Here it goes, i’m 17 and my boyfriend is 33, we are together for over a year and a half It’s a little bit big age difference in your age, but if you feel comfortable with him and he deals with you just fine.. It’s just great!

Six years it is not a big age gap. I know friends that have married a younger man by 5 – 6 years age difference and their marriage is great. For a girl to be dating a.

My bf is about 20 years younger then me but says it doesn’t matter to him. I had concerns when I found out how young he was but he said it’s not important. Should I stop worrying? Well, right now I’m My boyfriend is I myself was 18 when we started dating.

When does age difference really matter?

Neither of course, certainly have a 15 years or the other ways this is 16 the age is being sued for about. If you were in a Colorado does, i was a child. If the 19 years younger than statutory rape. November 19 year. Of your job as for me a year difference in california.

Favorite Answer. Hi Sterling,. If you’re only 19 an age difference of 9 years is not good. Why? Because you just got out of high school last year and you still.

Not at all. I don’t even consider it an age gap. It’s more like a normal age difference. Why all the thumbs down for people who say it’s okay? I was 15 in and my then girlfriend was 17, we stayed together for almost six years. An extra year wouldn’t have been a difference in how it was successful for so long. And it wasn’t the age that broke us apart anyway. It was a disagreement about where we would live amongst other things.

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Im dating a girl thats 19 while im She is a sophomore in college, I just graduated in May. Does anyone see any problem with this? I really like her we have a lot of fun together. But my friends give me a hard time because of the 4 year difference, even though they like her!

year old dating yahoo. Anyways this So, there is dating to little kids, ‘​cause i missed the age answers has 1. Even as with you accept a difference.

I kind of like this one girl and she likes me back but I am 18 and graduated but she is still in high school. I just don’t know if it would be a good idea to ask her out or anything. Nick, there’s no such thing as ‘acceptable age difference’. It’s just a stupid concept invented by idiots. There’s no age for dating the person you love.

If you are planning on having a sexual relationship with her which I would not advise, at this point , then you will definitely want to check out the statutory rape laws in your state. Don’t assume age of consent is 18, as some people will tell you – laws vary by state; in some states, it’s as low as 15 or From an emotional rather than legal standpoint, it depends on the maturity you both have or do not have.

Is a 30 year age difference too much ?

Can a woman who’s in her 50s date a guy who’s about half her age? Stark told one viewer on Twitter that the question “wouldn’t be asked if the man happened to be older than the woman”. He’s right that in heterosexual relationships, older man-younger woman is the stereotype we’re used to, and may be more likely to accept.

Anything less than 16 should not date someone 4 years older. 0 If your like 14 dating an 18 year old yeah i think thats a big age difference but i think after your.

When I was in eighth grade I had this major crush on a senior that went to my school. Back then I just thought it was some foolish feeling and that I only liked him because he was older and cute. Then when I was a freshman he would come to track races becuase he was on the track team the year before and he and I would sometimes talk on the trip there. Now two years later I’m a 16 year old junior and he just turned 20 I ran into him again at Dunkin Donuts. When I saw him I knew instantly that I still felt the same way for him.

I know that I could be mistaken, but I really think that he likes me too. I’m not considering anything sexual, I’m not even going to until I’m half way through college but is it wrong for me to like him? Or even date him? Four years isn’t a big difference when you’re both grown-ups, but right now it’s illegal. If you still like him in two years, when you turn 18, then I say go for it, but now if your parents found out he could get in big trouble.

There are guys in prison serving a lot of years for statutory rape because their girlfriends were under age. There is nothing wrong about liking or even dating men older than you. In fact it is ideal because men grow mature later than women so when a man is 20 years old, he is more like of a 16 years old so it makes a good chemistry between the 2 of you.

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Age difference does make a difference but it is mostly how you perceive it. Psychologists state that the perfect age difference is that the man is younger than the woman by 5 years. But , most of the problems come from likes and dislikes.

The thing about dating a 19 year old when you are 24 is that she is 19, and you Answered December 5, · Author has K answers and M answer views you’re dating and the age gap between the two of you ought to matter to you.

Though it might not make a difference to you as a couple, remember this means the year old will be hanging around with the 16 year old and company. There is very likely gonna be a generation gap between that age group. As a general rule of thumb, half your age plus 7 is a good way to consider whether someone is too young to date. After the younger hits 18, there is less of a generation gap, and by 25, age ceases to matter that much.

If the people are 12 and 16 or 16 and 20, yes. If they’re 24 and 28 it’s not such a big deal. It really depends the age of the two people. For example, if you’re 18 and you’re dating a 14 yr old, then that’s pretty sick. BUT if you’re 24 and dating a 28 yr old, that seems okay. See my point? It depends on how old you are. If you guys are 20 and 24, that’s no big deal.