Man City ace Sergio Aguero ‘dating Real Housewives of Cheshire star’s daughter’

The rumours hit the news today that Diego Armando Maradona will be unveiled the new coach for Argentina national team. That really rose my eyebrow; are you serious? Even this very site, the Bleacher Report asks “Pele or Maradona” in our profile page. These two are considered the best football players ever to touch this earth and the leather-ball. Of course many names are still added beside these two but, whatever. They definitely lead the discussion. One may say Pele was too young, he won competitions at his very young age. Another may say Maradona survived in the top level, in Europe and even carried a mediocre team on his shoulders, the mighty Napoli.

Diego Maradona’s daughter ‘walked in on Argentine legend taking drugs’

Don’t cry for me , Argentina has come to be synonymous with the Argentina football team and perhaps even more so with Lionel Messi. The song by famous British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, later included in the theatrical musical Evita , and later made even more famous by US pop artist Madonna, is a musical interpretation of the life of Argentina’s First Lady Eva Peron. And yet there could be parallels with Argentina’s favourite daughter and its famous footballer – Lionel Messi.

Sergio Aguero with his ex-wife Giannina Maradona and son Benjamin. Aguero married daughter of Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona, Who Is Sergio Agüero Dating Currently After His Divorce from Giannina Maradona? Lionel Messi Photos – (L-R) Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi of Argentina during a.

Man City striker Sergio Aguero, who fractured a rib following a late night car crash in Amsterdam, suffered a double blow after being dumped by his long-term girlfriend. Man City striker Sergio Aguero, who fractured a rib following a late night car crash in Amsterdam, suffered a double blow after being dumped by his long-term girlfriend Karina Tejeda pictured. Rumours of problems between Aguero and his girlfriend began to surface in Argentina at the end of August.

There were also unconfirmed reports Aguero had enraged his girlfriend by attending a private party with his teammates and several models during a brief return to Argentina ahead of an international. Sergio and Karina were due to celebrate five years together in January. I love being alone. At no time during the interview, in which she was given several opportunities to refute the reports about her break-up from the Man City striker, did she deny they were no longer a couple.

Aguero, who has scored seven goals in eight games this season, was hurt when the taxi driver taking him back to the airport after a concert he attended in the Dutch capital on a day off lost control on a bend and hit a lamp-post. Earlier this year it emerged Aguero had acted as a peacemaker after a row between the singer and Gianinna, mother to his eight-year-old son Benjamin, went public.

Diego Maradona: ‘Lionel Messi would not achieve what I did at Napoli’

The year-old Argentine star, born in , has had a great start since his first touch of football. He started with youth clubs and quickly learned the basics of the game of football, as well as able to showcase his talents and skills in the round witch. Aguero plays in the center of the outright attacking player No. This center is one of the important and difficult centers at the same time where it needs physical strength The high ability to concentrate and focus constantly so that it can take advantage of the simplest opportunities and translate them into goals.

Lionel Messi, thou born earlier (24 June ) was among those fortunate to Sergio Agüero was married to Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina for four years. Note: Aguero started dating Karina after his marriage to Diego Maradona’s.

Despite knowing each other since their childhood, Lionel Messi and his wife, Roccuzzo are in the early stages of marriage. The longtime couple got married on June 30, in a very luxurious wedding ceremony. There is no greater joy than marrying a childhood friend, someone who has known you for decades, seen you at your worst and still loved you even more.

That is exactly what happened to Messi and his wife. Not many know but she is the cousin of Messi’s childhood friend Lucas Scaglia, who is also a football player. The two had known each other since they were five. Roccuzzo might not be as popular as her husband but she has got a tremendous fan following online with an Instagram following of a whopping 12 million followers. Her father, Jose Roccuzzo, was a businessman and her mother, Patricia Blanko, was a homemaker.

All this happened before Messi became a football star. Roccuzzo moved on to study Social Communications so as to enhance her social media skills thereby forgetting her childhood dream of becoming a dentist. Regardless of the lengthy history together, Antonella and Lionel parted ways to follow their dreams, only to reconnect later in At that moment, Antonella realized that Messi was the right person for her.

While Messi was traveling to Barcelona, Antonella got the opportunity to meet another man. However, it was all short-lived since she eventually made things right, rekindled her relationship with Messi, and focused on making her love life better.

Maradona’s daughter claims her sister caught him abusing ‘banned substance’ as a child

Ashley ward is a former premier league striker, having played for Crewe Alexandra,Derby county and Barnsley in the course of his playing career. Ward was a journeyman, playing for 11 clubs in 16 yes as a footballer,while also having a brief stint as Manchester United youth player. His daughter Taylor Ward 31,is a reality TV show star on Real Housewives of Cheshire,and according to a spokesman,she and Aguero are officially not an item.

Argentinian icon Diego Maradona is set to be taken to court by his of him pulling a moony while dancing with ex-girlfriend Veronica Ojeda. ‘Little Lionel Messi’ wonderkid signs for Liverpool – and has six-pack abs at age 6.

His team lost Photograph: Getty Images. Watching the film it occurs to you that it has become ridiculous to compare Maradona and Messi. Maradona had one season in his career when he scored more than 40 goals; Messi has done this for the last 10 years in a row. Messi has scored twice as many goals in club football, and twice as many for Argentina. He has played matches and scored goals in the Champions League ; Maradona managed six matches and two goals at that level.

Messi has just signed off on another goal club season at an age when Maradona was completing a month ban for a positive cocaine test. If football was only about football, the argument is over. But football is about more than that. The Maradona film captures some of those intangibles, the things that are not preserved by the statistical record. To watch the scenes of celebration after Maradona leads Argentina to the World Cup in , and then Napoli to their first ever Serie A title the following year, is to doubt whether any titles in the history of football have ever meant more.

Why did Maradona inspire such passionate devotion among the fans of Argentina and Napoli? The main reason, obviously, is that he dragged unfancied teams to titles nobody thought they could win, routing historic enemies such as England and Juventus along the way and scoring some of the greatest goals anyone had ever seen.

Sergio Aguero his personal life and his relationship with the daughter of legend Diego Maradona

Often touted in the media as New Maradona, Messi has been publicly named as his “successor” by Diego Maradona himself. He is regarded as the best football player of his generation and one of the best in the history of the sport. At the age of five, he started playing football for Grandoli, a club coached by his father.

: Lionel Andrés Messi info is a supporting striker at the FC Date of birth, June 24, () Often touted in the media as New Maradona, Messi has been publicly named as his “successor” by Diego Maradona himself. my dear daughter deboshmita now very sick (​heart problem).now.

Argentina’s forward Lionel Messi R forward Sergio Aguero L and Omar Souto manager of logistics of the Argentine football federation chat during a training session at the team’s base camp in Bronnitsy, on June 13, ahead of the Russia World Cup football tournament. How many people can say this in the world? Giannina Maradona and Aguero called it quits on their relationship in and it did not sit well with Maradona. After going separate ways with Giannina, Aguero found love in the arms of Spanish pop star, Karina Tejeda.

Earlier this year, Tejeda rowed with Gianinna Maradona on social media. It was all allegedly over… yes, you guessed it, more beef. This time apparently between the kids. There was a bit of she said she said involving the kids and it all went downhill from there. And I would do it again. Terms and Conditions.

Maradona To Teach Messi?

Aguero has a child from a previous relationship with Diego Maradona’s daughter, Giannina. Taylor Ward, 21, is the ex-girlfriend of Everton defender Mason Holgate. Aguero’s relationship with the blonde is said to be in ‘early days’ and a source told The Sun they recently visited a spa together. Taylor Ward was rumoured to be heading in to last year’s Love Island series after her split from Holgate. At the end of the day, if you like someone you can wait.

Aguero has a son, Benjamin, from a previous relationship with the daughter of Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

Maradona’s former girlfriend Victoria Ojeda gave birth in Buenos Aires Maradona had two daughters, Dalma and Giannina, with his ex-wife.

Messi took inspiration from his teammate Dani Alves who is known for his full body tats. The star has now collected some pretty impressive inks on his back, arm, and legs. Each of his tattoos holds a personal significance for him. His very first tattoo is the portrait of his mother, Celia, on his back. Messi has always been very close to his mother and considers her as his lucky charm for helping him to achieve his dreams.

To express his love and respect towards his mother, he got the portrait of his mother inked on his back. At that time, he even missed the training in order to be with Antonella at the time of the birth of their son. Today I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift! Thanks to my family for the support!

A hug to everyone. Meaning: Messi went under the needle once again to show his fatherly love and affection for his newborn son, Thiago. Initially, Messi got the handprints of his son inked within a beautiful heart shading tattoo. Meaning: Messi developed a passion for football from an early age by playing constantly with his brothers and cousins.

He has achieved all this only through his dedication towards his goals.

Maradona visits Aguero at The Derby